About Artist


The middle child of five, I was raised by two artist parents. My father was a sculpture/painter, and my mother was an illustrator/painter. Both had a strong influence on my life as an artist.

Some of my earliest fond memories are of my father welding steel together to create amazing sculptures in the early days in Pasadena California. Mom was always doing something creative such as making crafts or painting giant roosters on the kitchen wall.

I am an interior designer, artist, abstract painter, and photographer. I feel the most important thing an artist can do is to create art, anytime, anywhere, any medium, …..everywhere.

The first thing you will notice about my work is how detailed the images are. I have always been a detailed kind of guy. From how a finished painting should look to how a living room should live. My work is based on how I live my life, obsessively detailed, staying original and always art oriented.

As I grew up, through the years, we as a family moved around a lot. No more than three years in one location (and no, we were not a military family) the last time I checked we had moved over eighteen times.

I believe that my random life of constant movement from one place to another, acknowledges my disparate image placement in my art. old prints, paintings, sketches, etchings, photography, all find a place, a home in my creations.

This collage approach is time consuming and a complex process. Using an X-acto blade, much like a disturbed surgeon’s scalpel, I cut out from paper individual parts, placing them, stacking them, into a complete ensemble of my ideas or a fevered dream.

This process of creating art allows me to build art-scapes that tell stories, often strange but in the translatable language of life and experience.

I want you to enjoy my work and hopefully somewhat be inspired by it and want to wear it, remember FROX is handmade with love in Los Angeles.